LoveTool apply a minimum age limit of 18 years in the case of orders from our webshop.

When an order is placed at Lovetool 2 confirmations are sent out, one to your email and one to us for administration of the order.


We reserve us for errors in pricing information, typographical errors, errors in information, and errors in the specification, all of our catalog items and services. All image information on our sites we reserve for certain arbitration units can be found, also the color and details can alos be found in the text.


Payment Options

We currently offer the following payment options.


In Sweden

  • Online Payment
  • Paypal
  • Payson

Outside Sweden

  • Online Payment
  • Paypal



In Paypal, you can pay with credit card or online via a payment link, which appears after the total order. More information about Paypal is on www.paypal.se




Learn more about distance and doorstep selling law on consumer's home page:



Goods returned must be sent to:



Notification / Complaints

You must always contact us before you return a product, the item must always contain a receipt or a delivery note on the returned products.


Wrong delivery

We can of course be wrong sometimes. If we have sent wrong products  to you, and it differs from your delivery information note and your order, we'll take full responsibility for this to be corrected and adjusted. Lovetool account for any costs involved. Return requests must be made within 7 days from when you received the incorrect delivery. The product should be returned with original packaging and unused in unopened packaging.


Faulty products

We at Lovetool.se  thoroughly test the returned goods. They are dismantled and tested, product that is wrongly returned, where it appears that there is nothing wrong with the product or if it is a handling error, we will charge you a testfee of 300 Sek. 

Therefore, make sure before a product is returned that it is properly tested, reviewed & troubleshooted.

This saves us time and you are not liable to pay lot of unnecessary charges for an incorrect returns.

Here you can read more about how to make a complaint at Lovetool


We will give you 1 year product warranty, however, this does not cover products that are weared out.  The 1 year product warranty does not apply to condoms, batteries, underwear, oils, lubricants, creams or preparations.


Shipping Rates

We use a fixed freight plan.


  • We use postal rates. Shipment starts from 39kr
  • Shipping outside of Sweden has a freight surcharge of 150 Sek.
  • When ordering within Europe for over 1500 Sek no shipping fee is charged

Delivery Delay
If a delivery delay occur we'll let you know by e-mail. You as a customer always has the right to cancel the purchase on delivery delays. We will do everything in our power to fulfill your order. There may be circumstances which make it impossible for us to complete the order. We reserve the right to exclude us from any compensation to the customer concerning  delivery delays.


False orders

All false orders is reported to police and attorney. IP address and time is logged for all orders made.


Age limit

Customers must be at least 18 years of age to fullfil a purchase at Lovetool

Personal Data Act
Your personal information is handled in accordance with the provisions of the Personal Data Act (PUL).

More info is available at http://www.notisum.se/rnp/sls/LAG/19980204.htm


Newsletter / SMS sending

Sent only to those customers who have opted to receive it. This can also be canceled at any time if you like. Please send an email to reklamation@lovetool.se

The newsletter never contains any pornographic content, the newsletter has its function to provide information on promotions, discounts, specially selected products and to advise on fun contests going on at the moment.



Our language translation from English into Norwegian, Danish & Finnish is made through Google Translate. This applies to product and information pages. Not the website's main page.

In some cases, certain part of the paragraph or sentence seem incoherent, hence why we inform it to you.


We take no responsibility and hereby disclaims ourselfs if information is not correct in these languages.




If customs for some reason charges a fee, it is not lovetools responsibility. We ship to all customs documents required.



Force Majeure
In the event of war, natural disaster, industrial action in the labor market, government decisions, missed deliveries from subcontractors, costly event, and similar events beyond our control which is not reasonably foreseeable, and affects the contractual agreements and the pledges from our side, which enables us to keep that agreement / pledge shall constitute the basis that we released from our obligations to fulfill the contract



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