Product characterics

Here is the characteristic and the quality of this material described. All characteristic might not be found on each and every product. Important to make a note of is that we always try to describe the characteristic as much as we possible can before it´s relased into the shop. You have to under stand that it is our subjective opinion that results in this, nothing else. In all possible mean a productdescription along with it´s descriptionchart is given to the customer, this is to ensure the customer what he could expact when the goods are due to be delivered.


Subjectiv is someones individul opinion about something.




Level of noise

The level of noise is here subjectively described from our side. The category is graded as follow Quiet, Average and Loud.


Low means that it will be so quiet that you can run them in a public place without anybody hearing, as long as there's some level of background noise, Don't expect miracles though! Vibrators are powered by electric motors and do make some noise

Medium is when somebody outside your closed bedroom door might hear a sound not unlike an electric razor. This isn't the kind of toy you'd be able to hide from your lover or housemates while you're using it, but it also won't be like a siren to announce you're having an evening of pleasure

High don't expect people not to hear you using them! If you want the most power, often times you'll be sacrificing discretion. But aren't those orgasms worth it? 


Total lenght

Total length is measured from top to bottom. On a vibrator the speedcontrol is included in this measurement as well, if a speedcontrol is available on the vibrator.


Penetrating lenght

Penetrating lenght is the part of dildo that is inserted in the vagina or anus, without the speedcontroll measured.


Diameter & Circumference

Diameter is the measurement of a straight line running through the center of the circle. A vibrator might be 3 cm wide, that is equal to a diameter of 3cm. In the characteristichart we mention the smallest diameter as well as the largest diameter of the product.

Circumference is the outermost measurement of the circle. A product with a diameter of 3 cm, generally have a Circumference of 10 cm. 





How pliant, flexible and stretchable is the product. The scale is graded as follow Low, Medium & High. Please observe that it is our subjective opinion that set the grades.



Total weight of the product excl orginal packing and batteries.



The degree of hardness is graded as follow Soft, Medium & hard.

Soft could be a vagina made from cyberskin.

Medium could be a dildo made from jelly.

Hard could be a product made from either glas or metall that do not give after from pressure.


Batteries and force

A great large of numbers of product are driven by batteries tex vibrators, vibrating bullets etc. Certain modells also have the possibilities to be recharged or only be driven by 220 v electricity. Here are the batteries which are most common.


AA R6  are the most ordinary batteries out on the market, frequently used in walkmans


AAA R3 are the smaller batteries similar to AA R6 but are a size less. Commonly used in remotecontrols.


C R14 are larger batteries, often used in flashlights and cassette tape-recorder.


9V are used when a litte bit more power is needed, rectangular shaped.


Buttoncell batteries are often used in calculators.


220v The products are driven by electricity.



Here is the product defined if it is waterproof and are suitable for use in the tub or shower for private pleasure. This is no assessment from our side, the information is handed to us from the manufacturer.



The level of oscillation is graded here, The scale is graded as follow Low, Medium & High. Please observe that it is our subjective opinion that set the grades.



Here we state the products principally colournuance. Please observe that it is our subjective opinion. A colour like blue could in a pair of other eyes be light blue. Please have this in consideration when a order is placed from us. However LoveTool. se try to be so precised as we poosible can.



On vibrators the surface layer characteristics is described as followed granular, smooth, veined etc.

Surface layer characteristics is only the penetrating part of the dildo that is counted for.



Define what the product is made of t ex. Silicon, jelly, rubber, glas etc.

Here you can find some more info about materials.


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