Care & Maintenance

Proper storage
How you store your sex toys is as important as how you clean them, and while we're not suggesting you need to invest in a temperature-controlled vault, there are some basic things you can do to prolong the life of any toy, as well as keep it clean and safe from harm.

  • Always remove the batteries when you're done using any toy so they can't leak, run down, or otherwise damge the toy;  the batteries and the toy itself will last longer!
  • Be sure your toys are completely dry before storage to prevent mold and mildew.
  • Keep each item separate by wrapping it in a soft cloth ex a T-shirt , because some materials are not compatible with each other and can cause melting or discoloration. If vibrating bullets and eggs are removable, store them separately from their respective toys as well.
  • Direct sunlight and excess heat may cause toys and condoms to melt, discolor, or dry out, so store these items in a cool, dark place such as a dresser drawer or trunk. Extreme cold can also do damage your toys so never refrigerate or freeze them.
  • Always clean your sex toys before putting them back into their storage spot and when taking them out for use.


Using together
If you share your sex toys with a partner, or want to switch between anal and vaginal use, even on yourself, you must thoroughly clean the toy to avoid infection, and to avoid introducing bacteria into the vagina. The best way to avoid bacteria transmission is to use a condom over the toy and change it whenever the toy is used for different partners or orifices. This method is hygienic, fast, and extends the life of your toys by protecting the material!


Regular cleaning is key to maintaining thequality of the material of any sex toy. Be sure to wash before first use and immediately after each use before storing. Always be careful to keep water and cleanser away from battery cartridges and electrical parts. The safest way to clean most of your sex toys is to use an antibacterial cleanser, such as ?????????. This formulation contains desinfection which kills all bacteria and is compatible with all sex-toy materials.

  • Silicone: Hypoallergenic and easiest to maintain, silicone dildos and non-battery-operated toys may be boiled for quickly for two minutes, or washed with soap and water. Let them air dry completely or dry with a cloth before storing.
  • Plastic/Acrylic/Glass: All can be washed with warm water and anti-bacterial hand soap and sterilized using an alcohol-soaked cotton ball (rinse thoroughly afterward); acrylic and glass toys may be boiled or submerged in hot water if they're not battery-operated.
  • Rubber/Latex and Jelly:  be sure to wash them thoroughly with warm water and anti-bacterial hand soap, and rinse so that no trace of soap is left, as it can degrade the material and cause irritation to you. Again, while it's a good idea to use a condom with any insertable toys, it's an especially good idea with these materials.
  • Realistic materials: Names include Cyberskin, Futurotic, NeoSkin, Soft Touch, UltraSkin, and Fauxskin (if you're unsure of the type of material, check the packaging or contact Customer Service), and this type of material is widely used for erection rings and masturbation sleeves, as well as vibrators and dildos. Thoroughly wash with warm water and a liquid antibacterial soap, then let air dry completely. Once dry, sprinkle with some  "renewing" powder or cornstarch. Never use talcum powder or baby powder, as these can cause irritation and sometimes larger problems for women.


Using the Right Lubricant
Choosing the correct sexual lube is key to keeping your sex toy in the best shape possible, and it makes every experience more enjoyable.

  • Water-based lubricant may be used with any sex toy.
  • While silicone lubricants are perfect for use with a partner, a silicone lubricant should never be used with silicone sex toys, nor should it be used on any realistic material mentioned above.
  • Never use an oil-based lube on any toy that will come into contact with or be inserted into the vagina (may increase risk of vaginal infections), or with anything made of rubber/latex, including latex condoms (will disintegrate latex).



Care is important, but the best way to ensure that your vibrator lasts and lives up to its full potential is to buy high-quality ones. The difference between a ten-dollar vibrator and a hundred-dollar vibrator is more than its price; you're paying for craftsmanship and the quality of its motor. And, needless to say, the hundred-dollar vibrator will most likely last longer.


The first thing to keep in mind is that vibrators aren't made to last forever, and their lifespan will vary based on a number of factors. Vibrators have motors, which are made up of very small parts that can burn out easily. They are, to be fair, complex electronics.


A space heater also comes with a fantastic feature: When the motor starts to overheat, it shuts itself off to cool down so it won't break. Unfortunately, your vibrator offers no such luxury. Its motor is ready to run until it either satisfies you completely or burns out and breaks on you. In an ideal world, the former would always come well before the latter, but we all know that's not entirely the way it works.

To get the most out of your motor, we recommend not running your vibrator for more than thirty minutes on low speed. And if you're operating it on high speed, be sure to give it a rest after fifteen to twenty minutes. These are tiny motors, and most vibrators can burn out quickly if you use them for extended periods of time.If you have a dual-action vibrator, you'll want to be extra conscientious about not running it for too long at a time. Because they're designed to function in multiple ways at once, malfunctions and burn-outs can happen quickly.


With proper care, you're a lot more likely to have a fuller and more satisfying long-term relationship with your electric toy.


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