Rabbit vibrators got the big break with Samantha in Sex and the City. Often called the rabbit, rabbit pearl, beaded vibrator, etc.. This female sex toy found in a plethora of variants, each with different features and applications.


But if there ever was a vibrator that stole the spotlight more than anyone else, then it was the rabbit. The Rabbit is not just a product of LoveTool bestselling toys, it's also Sex and the City's Samantha faithful nightstand friend. The world's most classic and beloved vibrator, but also an incredibly versatile product.


Rabbit vibrators are one of the most popular vibrators currently on the market, ask a woman to mention a vibrator and chances are that a "Rabbit Vibrator" is the first word that falls from her mouth, robust, easy to use, stylish and offers incredible orgasms on a few seconds ... if you can go on so long!




What features does the rabbit vibrator have and what does it do!


When you get a rabbit sent home and you open the package it's easy to get a minor shock, it is so big, but everything will not be inserted into the vagina.  1/3 of the vibrator consists of the battery pack and control and command, the other two thirds are at the shaft and the vibrator.


The purpose of a rabbit is that it will vibrate and rotate, but you can also have it as a dildo, as longas you do not turn it on. It is made of soft flexible jelly, usually with the form of a penis and quite realistic detailed, but remember to use plenty of lubricant.


When the power is turned on it becomes an incredible sex toy, the motor unit at the base of the shaft vibrates and sends out endless waves and vibrations. Have you chosen a more expensive rabbit, you can also adjust the speed and rhythm of vibration, giving you even a greater control over your experience.


Unlike other sex toys that vibrate, it also rotates. When you switch on the handle, then the upper part will rotate in a circular motion to massage your G-spot and the inner walls of the vagina, while the small vibrator stimulates your clitoris.


Another unique feature that a rabbit has, is the band of beads located inside the shaft, they rotate, which creates an indescribable sensation. If you keep the rabbit in right angle, the strip of beads can stimulate your G-spot which is very sensitive to pressure. Some put the shaft with the rotating beads onto their clitoris or just outside of the vagina, both of which will react differently to this specific sense.


Switch on your clitoris vibrator, which often is sculpted out of an animal, then the ball inside will vibrate, ears will flutter, nose will vibrate, and its body will give you waves of direct stimulation to your most sensitive zone. But do not forget that you can adjust the vibrator speed through the control.


A summary of the whole thing - it can be a lot to take in now in the beginning, use your rabbit as a dildo for a few minutes,when you're ready for a bit more energy, you can turn the shaft onto low speed and gradually increase the momentum to you feel comfortable. In the beginning it might feel a bit overwhelming, so start easy in the beginning and gradually increase intensity, do not forget that you can always lower the speed if it is too much. Experiment with your new sex toy and you will find your own combinations of speed and movement that will shake the walls in your bedroom.


Care for your new companion thoroughly, wash it with warm soapy water after each use, be careful so water will not be immersed into the power source. Pat it dry with a soft cloth. Keep your toy in a cool, dark place, do not forget to use plenty of waterbased lubricant when using this toy. Once you have used this new sextoy,you'll never want to get rid of it, on the contrary, you will expand your collection with rabbits. Enjoy ... ... ..


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